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Where do you get your inspiration from? To be honest I get a lot of inspiration from other photographers and I’m not afraid to admit it. But how do you get inspired by someone and not just copy everything they do? For me it’s often looking at other photographers’ work and applying it in totally different situations. For example…..

Recently I decided to work on a project totally out of my element. I took on a series of team volleyball portraits at a tournament. I knew I wanted to do something different from just your typical team picture but wasn’t quite sure what to do. That’s when I had the idea to combine the styles of two photographers I had been admiring. One was Andrew Zuckerman who has several gorgeous photo books out that show his work with animals on a white background.
(check out the promo video for his book “Creature” below)

The other artist I drew inspiration from was the infamous Annie Leibovitz. Leibovitz has many famous images, but I’ve always admired the geometry of her group shots. She is able to pose small groups within large groups really well. I read her book “Annie Leibovitz at work” and was surprised about the amount of planning that goes into these group shots.

Sooo…. Mixing the two styles I came up with the idea to shoot these Volleyball teams posed in an Annie Leibovitz style, (small groups that form a larger group) against a seamless white background a la Andrew Zuckerman and this is what I got.

Shooting in this style was a lot of fun and a LOT of work, but it was a great creative outlet for me to try something new.

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